Yan Chen Liu

11-15-08 - 11th Annual Purdue Ballroom Classic
   18) Amateur Bronze Am. Foxtrot
   10) Amateur Newcomer Am. Waltz
   12) Amateur Newcomer Am. Tango
   14) Amateur Newcomer Am. Foxtrot
   40) Amateur Bronze Intl. Tango
   6) Amateur Newcomer Intl. Waltz
   7) Amateur Newcomer Intl. Quickstep
   27) Amateur Bronze Am. Swing
   37) Amateur Newcomer Am. Rumba
   21) Amateur Newcomer Am. Swing
   9) Amateur Newcomer Am. Cha Cha
   23) Amateur Bronze Am. Mambo
   7) Amateur Newcomer Intl. Rumba
   8) Amateur Newcomer Intl. Jive
   31) Amateur Newcomer Intl. Tango
   37) Amateur Newcomer Intl. Cha Cha
   47) Amateur Bronze Intl. Foxtrot
   54) Amateur Bronze Intl. Samba
   57) Amateur Bronze Intl. Jive
   50) Amateur Bronze Am. V. Waltz

11-21-09 - USA Dance National Collegiate Dancesport Challenge
   13) Amateur Collegiate Bronze Intl. Tango
   16) Amateur Collegiate Silver Standard
   10) Amateur Collegiate Bronze Intl. Samba
   4) Amateur Collegiate Bronze Intl. Foxtrot
   41) Amateur Collegiate Bronze Standard
   48) Amateur Collegiate Bronze Latin
   42) Amateur Collegiate Bronze Intl. Jive
   32) Amateur Collegiate Silver Latin

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